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28 Feb

The state of the paraplanning nation


1:00 pm


Wednesday 28th February 2024





Save your spot now. Online. 1pm on 28 February 2024. The state of the paraplanning nation. With Steve Nelson of The Lang Cat, Alan Gow of Argonaut Paraplanning and Jackie Manning of Evelyn Partners

How are other paraplanners feeling about the state of advice in the UK these days? What do they really think about working with advisers? The adoption of technology? How about regulation and The Consumer Duty?

Join us online at 1pm on 28 February 2024 when The Lang Cat’s Steve Nelson will be revealing insights gathered from paraplanners who responded to the research and communications consultancy’s annual State of the Advice Nation survey of advice professionals.

Despite being in its sixth year, this is the first time that The Lang Cat has cut the survey’s data to reveal paraplanners’ perspectives.

And to explore what the study tells us, Steve and Assembly host, Richard Allum, will be joined by two leading outsourced and in-house paraplanners – Alan Gow of Argonaut Paraplanning and Jackie Manning from Evelyn Partners. 

Together they’ll ask what this year’s results reveal. The conversation is expected to:

  • reveal a surprising finding (to The Lang Cat team, at least) about clarity of communication between advisers and paraplanners 
  • reflect on how the attitudes and sentiment towards some of the biggest issues in the sector are more aligned with the rest of the profession than you might expect; and
  • explore attitudes towards technology – and AI in particular.

In a confessional post at The Lang Cat’s site back in November, Steve admitted that he’d wished he’d explored paraplanners’ perspectives a while back. 

Well now he has. 

So why not join with other paraplanners, Richard, Alan and Jackie, as Steve shares what he’s learned exclusively with the Assembly?

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Steve Nelson
The Lang Cat

Steve is Insight Director at the lang cat, a platforms, pension and investment consultancy that specialises in making the complex simple.

Like so many others in Edinburgh, Steve fell into the industry by accident, having graduated with a Computer Science degree at Edinburgh University.

Some 20 or so years later, Steve is still making a career out of slightly above average writing, presentation and research skills, hoping that no-one will notice.

Alan Gow
Argonaut Paraplanning

Alan is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a CISI Accredited Paraplanner. He previously worked as a financial complaints investigator.

Alan sits on the Personal Finance Society’s paraplanner advisory panel and has spoken at national events, including the IFP (now CISI) conference, PFS Paraplanner conference and Paraplanners’ Assembly

Jackie Manning
Evelyn Partners

A regular at the Assembly, Jackie has over 12 years experience in Financial Services and has a penchant for inheritance tax planning, trusts, tax and income planning, investments, pensions and cashflow.

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