Let’s get this Powwow party started


What a great year 2016 was for the Powwow, thanks to all of you.

You ran three Mini Powwows, we held our first ever online Howwow, we kickstarted the debate on paraplanner standards, and the fourth national Powwow took place in the rolling countryside, under open skies.

So what’s next? We gave you a little teaser here and there in the press, but as an exclusive for Powwowers, here are the juicy details of what’s in store for 2017.

We’re growing…

Your feedback has inspired us to find new ways for the Powwow to help us all to fix, learn, and share things. We’ve looked at what we’re doing, talked to some of you, and are adding a couple of new formats to the Powwow line up.

How have we done this? We still have a panel of supporters. We couldn’t do this without them. But the Powwow remains unwaveringly independent. It is steadfastly designed by paraplanners for paraplanners. And that’s why there’s lots here for Powwowers to do, to help with, and more importantly to shape.

So, in no particular order, here’s what’s coming up…

Back by popular demand…

Put the date in your diary. On Thursday 14th September, we’ll be reuniting under those open skies for the national paraplanners Powwow. But there’s a big difference this year. This year, the national Powwow really needs you!

We’re calling for volunteers to help make the day a success. From leading sessions, to hosting, to helping us to find good speakers, there are tons of ways you can help out.

While Richard is still involved, he is stepping back the level of involvement. So, it’s never been more true; what you get from the Powwow, will depend on what you put in.

Ready to chip in? Then email us to volunteer. No matter how much time you can give, or what you’d like to do, we’ll find a use for you.

More mini Powwows

Powwowers have taken the Powwow raison d’etre to heart, holding mini Powwows up and down the land. These pint-sized events have all the traits of the national, but are local to you and fit around work.

It turns out you want to keep meeting with your fellow paraplanners, continuing to share, learn and fix things, with or without a teepee.

In fact, we’ve heard whispers of demand for mini Powwows in a few more outposts. So we’re looking for volunteers to help organise in Northern Ireland, Wales, Central South and the East of England.

Interested in finding out what’s involved? Get in contact.

There are already some in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for a mini Powwow coming soon to a town near you.

Get a little know-how at a Howwow

Howwows are for those times when Powwowers want to focus on ONE topic in particular and, in depth. This year, we’re introducing Howwows for professional development and are trialling them in two formats…

First up, we’re continuing the online Howwows. These are scheduled for every last Wednesday of the month, at lunch time so you can join in while eating your [insert a filling] sandwich.

Here’s the heads up. February 22nd, 1-2pm. That’ll be the first one. Tune in and we’ll be asking two questions: What’s on your plate, and what do you want to cover in these. And of course, if you have any brain waves in between now and then, drop us a line.

Next up, we’ll be holding four face-to-face Howwows this year. In true Powwow style, we don’t know when, where, or what they’re going to cover. Because you get to decide that.

We’ve heard through the grapevine that a report writing Howwow would be a good idea. But no decision is final. Because, you’ve guessed it, we’ve put together a Powwow survey. Complete the very short survey, and tell us what topics you’d like covered in-depth and whose opinions you’d like to listen to.

Once the score is on the boards, we’ll do our level best to make it happen.

When it’s broke, we fix it

Fix. Learn. Share. These principles lie at the heart of all things Powwow. And this year, we want Powwowers to take one of these a step further. We really want the views, experience and insight of paraplanners to make a difference. We want to start fixing things.

So, when fixing platforms was raised in the Big Tent, we thought, let’s do this! Let’s give the platforms something to do (or at least mull over) from paraplanners.

Fairly soon, we’ll be asking you to share what you think about platforms, what would make your life easier etc. And then we’ll share it with them. All of them. We won’t be asking questions that tell them what they want to hear. This is a space for warts and all. That way we can begin fixing things. Or at least, help others to.

And here’s a handy recap

Whoa, we know there’s a lot there! But this year, it’s never been more true that the Powwow is only going to succeed if you take part.

Raring to go but not sure where to start?

Get these key dates in the diary

14th September 2017 – National Paraplanners Powwow
22nd February, 1-2pm – First online Howwow (in fact, block every last wednesday of the month. No, really, do it)


For the National Paraplanners Powwow or Mini Powwows. Or both, you generous folk! Get in touch via email at [email protected].

Shape the Howwows

Tell us what topics and experts you want. Flex those survey filling muscles here.

Keep your sharp shooting eye on your inbox

…for our emails on upcoming Mini Powwows, Howwows, and fixing platforms, make sure you are signed up to Powwow Post (it’s very easy, the form is just hanging out on the right of this page).

But most importantly…

Get talking and telling us your ideas on the above or anything really. Because it’s the Powwowers that make and shape Powwow. And with Twitter, Email and Big Tent there’s no excuse not to.

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