What role can discounted gift trusts play in inheritance tax planning?

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We recently teamed up with friend of the Assembly, Steve Sayer of Utmost International, to record a three-part series of special Assemblies. Each one-hour session explores the issues affecting tax and tax planning, and offers practical ideas that paraplanners can consider for their firms’ clients.

In the first part of the series, Steve looked back at the last two budgets – the ‘mini-budget’ in September 2022 and spring Budget in March 2023 – to demonstrate the cumulative effect of ‘stealth’ tax rises and explore strategies to alleviate their effects.

In the second episode, he explored the flexibility of loan trusts and their potential for inheritance tax planning – especially in the wake of the freezes in nil rate and residence nil rate bands announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer earlier this year.

In the final part of the trilogy, Steve considers discounted gift trusts as an alternative to loan trusts for inheritance tax planning.

In sharp contrast to loan trusts, the decision to execute a gift trust brings no flexibility but their appeal is the immediate inheritance tax advantages.

Whether they’re the right vehicle will depend on a number of planning considerations such as the ages of the applicants and the types of gift trust.

During his talk, Steve looks at the difference between absolute trusts and discretionary trusts, touches on issues like the consequences of pre-2006 flexible power of appointment arrangements, making gifts and insurance policies.

In the slides that you can download below, you’ll find two case studies:

Case study No 1: explores the issues a couple might consider when choosing between a joint settlor or single settlor discounted gift trust.

Case study No 2: a client who wants to invest in a discounted gift trust but wants to be able to secure a fixed level of withdrawals. By combining discretionary and absolute trusts they’re able to achieve their objective without exceeding their nil rate band.

Steve’s talk is ideal if you’re handling cases where clients are weighing up planning opportunities for inheritance tax, this is the special Assembly for you.

We’ve ‘chapterised’ the video above so you can navigate the video however you’d like – and provided the slide number/s too for easy reference.

To download a PDF version of Steve’s slidedeck, just tap the link below. You can also download a CPD certificate as a record of viewing the recording, and links to other resources mentioned during the recording.

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