Could this be the last national Paraplanners Powwow?

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There are just under two weeks to go to the fourth national paraplanners Powwow and we can reveal that one of the questions that we’ll be posing for the big Powwow session on 15 September is: Should this be the last national Powwow?

That’s a question that’s all the more poignant for Powwow founder, Richard Allum, because Richard will step down from organising the national Powwow that he started back in 2013.

Richard explained: “With local Powwows growing in popularity, a thriving community of paraplanners getting stuck in to discussions in the Big Tent, and plans for future online Howwows, now seemed as good a time as any to ask whether Powwowers think that the purpose of a national Powwow – on a yearly basis, at least – run its course?”

“And if it hasn’t then how would Powwowers like the event to develop in the future?”

“That’s the question I’d like to invite Powwowers to talk about when we gather together on 15 September.”

Despite stepping back from organising the national Powwow Richard still wants to work with other paraplanners to organising local Powwows and online Howwows in the future.

There are just a handful of tickets leat for this year’s national Powwow which takes place on 15 September 2016 under open skies, in teepees, in Ayhno, Northamptonshire. To book your ticket visit the Powwow event page.

Not only could it be the last national Paraplanners Powwow but it could be the last chance for paraplanners to hear – first hand – the FCA’s Rory Percival’s perspective on financial planning issues.

That’s because Rory recently confirmed that he would be leaving the FCA in November.

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