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Informal gatherings designed by paraplanners for paraplanners to exchange views, learn things, fix things and share things.

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Online Assembly x Vitality: Protection Resources

Welcome to the resources pit stop for our three Online Assemblies where we are partnering with Vitality to discuss protection. So if you are wanting to build on your Paraplanners Protection Toolkit, you’ll find all you need here. Remember this counts towards … Continued

What’s on our research and analysis tools list?

Did you nearly get RSI writing down all the research and analysis tools paraplanners rate in this online assembly? If you missed a few or just couldn’t keep up, you are in luck as we have popped them all down here. … Continued

Starting out in paraplanning: The follow up

The online assembly about starting out in paraplanning proved so popular, we didn’t have time to answer all the questions people raised in the hour. So, experts Caroline Stuart, Tony Bates and Benjamin Beck, kindly got together after the show … Continued

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