Learn. Fix. Share.

The Assembly creates informal gatherings where paraplanners can exchange views, learn things, fix things and share things.

You never forget your first Paraplanners’ Assembly

From our very first gathering in 2013, the Paraplanners’ Assembly has created spaces – in person and online – that spark collaboration and conversation.

No wall-to-wall presentations in hotel conference suites. No muzak. No boiled sweets. Or rubber chicken.

Instead, Assemblies offer informal gatherings where you can listen and learn, and share ideas, knowledge and insights.

It makes for supportive and encouraging spaces in which you can really focus and flourish – both professionally and personally.

You’ll feel you belong at an Assembly because the Assembly belongs to you.

Get inspired

Paraplanners love the Assembly. But what’s its secret sauce? Discover why a gathering of 66 paraplanners in teepees on a farm in 2013 transformed the ways paraplanners could gather together – flourishing into a movement of more than 3,000 people which will inspire you today.

Get involved

There are loads of reasons to get involved in an Assembly. But the biggest reason of all? Confidence. From getting to grips with a topic by tuning into an online Assembly or stepping out of your comfort zone to host an event, the Assembly’s supportive and encouraging style has inspired self-belief that has transformed careers.

Our supporters

The Paraplanners’ Assembly isn’t possible without the help given by our Supporters. Time and time again, they answer the call to support the paraplanning movement.

Big Tent

We’re pretty sure The Big Tent is the most popular discussion board dedicated to paraplanning in the UK. It’s where paraplanners gather together online to post questions, offer answers, and share ideas, suggestions, experience and expertise. To get started just introduce yourself by posting ‘Hello, I’m new here’ – you’re sure to receive a warm welcome.


Hi all, I’m taking over a new team soon and am looking to assess the skill set. Does anyone have a skills matrix kicking around that they’d be happy to share? Thanks.


Hello all, Please can I ask if anyone has experience with dealing with a IIP (IPDI) trust where the trustees can appoint assets (capital) to the Life Tenant?


Hi everyone, I have a query regarding bond surrender calculations. I’ve been mulling over it for a while and found some useful bits online that seem to imply an answer, but haven’t found one stated outright anywhere. I’m hoping someone can help.