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Informal gatherings designed by paraplanners for paraplanners to exchange views, learn things, fix things and share things.

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Behavioural science for Paraplanners and how online meetings can help build client relationships

In November, Susan Pringle was joined by Dr. Tom Mathar of Aegon UK to explore behavioural science. You can watch the replay here. We enjoyed the Online Assembly so much that when the team at Aegon shared an article about … Continued

More on stochastic modelling

Our first online assembly for 2021 was kicked off when Patrick Ingram (PI) from Parmenion ‘popped in’ to answer our questions on stochastic modelling. You can watch the episode here. However, it turned out you are all massive fans of this topic … Continued

The low down on the active vs passive debate

On 16 December, we were joined by Jasper Thornton-Boelman (JT-B) from Parmenion, Toby Gibb (TG) from Fidelity International and Ben Kumar (BK) from 7IM to discuss active, passive and multi-asset investment approaches and their relative merits. You can watch the … Continued

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