Powwow Up North: By ‘eck, it were brilliant!

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By Jo Hague: Paraplanners joined together again recently to gather for Powwow Up North – the second in a series of opportunities for like-minded paraplanners to share their thoughts about the good, bad and ugly of paraplanning.

The evening began with two group discussions voted for by participants before the event – one for sharing technology tips and another to discuss potential minimum standards for paraplanners.

Our technology catch-up revealed some hidden gems that you may or may not already use including uktaxcalculators.co.uk and invidion.co.uk (links as promised to participants on the night).

But paraplanners are more than just technicians. We also found our way to a meaningful discussion about how to choose and use cashflow modelling tools and how we use risk tolerance questionnaires once the client’s results are in.

The minimum standards and qualifications discussions showed that there is a problem in recruiting the right type of paraplanners when just using Diploma as a benchmark; that is the question of overlooking experience. There was a healthy debate and general acceptance that training and competency routes for paraplanners need to be more clearly defined; there is also considerable need for quality paraplanner-specific CPD.

The subject for our main Powwow group session was voted for on the day – “Making complex stuff simple” won out and led us into discussions about how we can cut out jargon whilst staying compliant.

As we find on our Powwow journey, the group discussions are all the better for paraplanners who are willing to speak up and, as it turns out, Northerners are more than happy to share their thoughts! Who’d have thought?

If you were there – thanks! You were smashing!  Have you seen the pictures yet?

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And, as the sun sets on Powwow UpNorth, it rises in the South (there’s something not right there…). If you’re interested in getting involved with Powwow Down South, take a look at the latest news about the event and – if you’ve got a moment – to help decide when and where to hold the event by completing this VERY quick survey: Where and when should be hold Powwow Down South?

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