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Howwows are for those times when we want to focus on ONE topic in particular and, in depth.

For 2017 we’re planning on holding more online Howwows, in addition to four face-to-face ones. In fact, online Howwows are scheduled for every last Wednesday of the month, at lunch time (1-2pm for most normal folk), so you can join in while eating your sandwich.

If you’ve never tuned into a Howwow online or you’re a bit rusty on it all – this handy guide will help you on your merry way.

1. Sign-up to online Howwows

We’ll be listing upcoming Howwows on the Powwow website every month. Alternatively, just pop over to our Powwow channel on Crowdcast, and you’ll find the next Howwow there waiting for you to register.

Plus, we’ll let you know when they go up via Twitterthe Powwow Post, and if you hit follow on the Powwow Crowdcast Channel

2. How to join the Howwow on the day

Keep an eye on your inbox at 12:50pm, on the day of the Howwow. Around about then, you’ll receive an email which includes a link to click to join in.

As a heads up, the webinar isn’t supported by all browsers, so we suggest downloading Chrome or Firefox ahead of the Howwow to avoid any delay in joining, or you could just download the nifty free Crowdcast app (that’s the webinar platform we use) for phones and tablets from iTunes or the Chrome Web Store. From there, all you need to do is sign in.

We’ll do a tiny bit of tech housekeeping at the beginning of each Howwow, that way you’ll know what’s what – it really is painless, we promise. You don’t need anything fancy, just the ability to watch, listen and type.

For those that share office space, you may want to tune in using earphones or headphones.

3. Drop-in when you want

You can tune in when you want, for as long as you want, from wherever you want – we’ve even got folk tuning in from Canada (Hello over there)!

4. How do online Howwows work?

For each Howwow there will be a small panel of paraplanners. They’ll kick off each Howwow by asking what’s on your plate – where you can chat about current day-to-day issues with other paraplanners.

Next up, will be the main topic for tackling in depth. In true Powwow style, we don’t know what these all are yet. That’s because you get to shape what topics to focus on.

Once you tell us what you’d like covered, we’ll do our best to put an A-team panel together for it.

All the way through the Howwow, you’ll be able to post questions, chat with other Howwowers (using a text messaging type thing).

The big idea is for panellists to make sure your questions, ideas and thoughts are shared with the Howwowers.

5. Can’t wait to pose a question?

Not going to make it to the Howwow or sure you’ll forget your question, then make sure you fire it over to [email protected].

6. Can I be on the panel or suggest topics?

The answer is yes to both!

If there’s any topic that you’re keen to share your views on then let us know. And of course, there’s no rule saying you have to be a panellist to suggest a topic. Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or tweeting @ParaPowwow.

7. Missed a Howwow?

We know at times the Howwow stars don’t align, and you just can’t make it. But, we’ve got you covered. You can head back over here – at any time – and find a recorded version lurking.

Plus, if it totally slips you mind, don’t worry we’ll always let you know there’s been one. Just follow us on Twitter, or sign up to Powwow Post, or hit follow on the Powwow Crowdcast channel, or in fact just do all three because, like Aerosmith, you ‘don’t want to miss a thing’.

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