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PFS Paraplanner Panel member and Powwow regular (not to mention this year’s host), Caroline Stuart shares some of the whats, hows and wheres of the PFS Paraplanner Panel’s new Paraplanner Pathway.

Hello there or How!

PFS Paraplanner HQ have been working hard on some bits and pieces to try and entice more new folks into the profession and help them on their way once they are. One of the things we have been working on is our Paraplanner Pathway.

It is a brief introduction to paraplanning, what it’s about, how to get started and where to find help.

You may know someone who is thinking of getting into paraplanning or is just joining the Paraplanner profession. Perhaps you know someone who is considering what to do with their career and isn’t sure what to do next? Perhaps that someone is you?

If so, please have a look at our little video, tell your friends and colleagues all about it and anyone else you think might find it useful.

If we all work together, we can let the world know about our brilliant, challenging and rewarding profession and the fantastically supportive, fun and friendly community that it has created.

If you are interested in supporting, sharing your thoughts or just a little nosy. Head over to the PFS Paraplanner Panel’s Facebook page.

PFS Paraplanner HQ, over and out!

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