How to start your own Powwow: Part Two

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Last week, we gave you a flavour of the organising principles behind the Paraplanners Powwow and how these might apply to starting your very own event.

This week, we’re letting you know about 6 practical ways in which we can help one another and support your successful Powwow.

1. We’re all in this together

As soon as you’ve resolved to set up a Powwow, feel free to get in touch by tweeting us at @ParaPowwowor e-mailing [email protected].

We’ll set up a project for your Powwow using a bit of kit called Basecamp. Basecamp provides an online space where organisers of your Powwow – no matter how many there are and where they are in the country – can decide on things, set tasks and keep tabs on progress without clogging up your e-mail.

It means that everyone, who needs to be, is in the know about your Powwow’s organisation.

2. Our survey said…

Because Powwows are designed by paraplanners for paraplanners, you’ll need a tool to gather opinion from potential Powwow participants on subjects from the preferred date and location of a Powwow, to voting for topics to discuss on the day.

To do this, we use the survey tool, Wufoo, and we’d be very happy to set up surveys for you.

3. Where in the world-wide web?

Your Powwow will need its own page on the web – like PowwowUpNorth’s – where people can find out information and book their spot at your event, so we’ll build you one here at

And, speaking of booking a spot…

4. The future’s Eventbrite

For the Paraplanners Powwow, we used the online event management tool, Eventbrite, to handle all the ticketing and bookings and cancellations and wait-list and delegate lists and all that palaver. Eventbrite’s brilliant, so we’ll set up an Eventbrite page for your Powwow – which will include a gizmo to plug-in an online booking form for your Powwow’s page at

5. Twitter ye not?

Alright, so @ParaPowwow doesn’t have an enormous following on Twitter, but it does have more than 200 followers, and that’s a start when it comes to letting people know about your Powwow.

In other words, we’ll tweet news and information about your Powwow from the @ParaPowwow.

6. We’ll send e-mail for you

(We couldn’t think of a snappy title for this bit.)

In the run-up to the Paraplanners Powwow, we collected lots of e-mail addresses from potential paraplanning participants.

We’ve used this same list to e-mail people about Powwow Up North, and so we’re happy to let people on our list know about further possible Powwows using e-mail too.

So that’s it: How to start your own Powwow in two parts. Missed part one? Here it is.

And if that’s piqued your interest why not get in touch about organising a Powwow? Just tweet us at @ParaPowwow or e-mail us at [email protected].

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