Powwow crowdsources teepee tunes with its #PowwowPlaylist


You know how, during the coffee breaks at more conventional conferences, your auditory senses are assaulted by mind-numbing, middle-of-the-road, plinky-plonky music?

Well, we’re giving Powwow participants the opportunity to subject their Powwow peers’ auditory senses to their very own pick of mind-numbing, middle-of-the-road, plinky-plonky pop for 19 September.

We’re inviting Powwow-ers to select up to two tracks, which we’ll download from iTunes and add to the #PowwowPlaylist.

Of course, this means that participants can encounter a truly unique experience at the Powwow: they’ll like at least one or two songs that are piped through the speakers during breaks at a financial services event.

Paraplanners attending the event are able to take advantage of this once-or-twice-in-a-Powwow-time offer, either: by completing this online form or, if they’re on Twitter, just tweeting their choice of tracks – making sure they add the #PowwowPlaylist hashtag.

Whether you’re attending the Powwow or not, feel free to join in. (Although, only the tunes selected by people actually participating in the Powwow will be included in the final #PowwowPlaylist.)

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