It’s official: Mark Polson is a Guru

Blog post

We are really pleased to confirm something that many people in the financial services have suspected for some time: that platforms, pensions and investments expert, Mark Polson’s status is a Guru.

Well, he’ll be a Guru for at least one hour during the afternoon on 19 September 2013.

That’s because the boss of Edinburgh-based consultancy, The Lang Cat, will be leading the mid-afternoon Guru session at the Paraplanners Powwow.

Even for the Professional Adviser Personality of the Year, it could be a tough gig.

Pitched somewhere between a prepared talk and – quite possibly – improvised stand-up, the role of the Powwow Guru is to be willing, ready and able to riff on topics that paraplanners will be raising during the event itself.

That means that, besides offering a perspective on issues such as which wraps wash ‘clean’ or ‘superclean’ when it comes to share classes, Mark will be fielding questions on any topic that’s on Powwow participants’ minds and teasing out insights from the gathered group.

With just over 20 tickets remaining for the event, you can book your ticket for the Paraplanners Powwow by our online booking form.

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