This is Mission Control calling Paraplanet…you’re clear to launch the space capsule

Didn’t think you’d hear from Mission Control again? Well, we are about to launch a space time capsule into orbit.

This capsule will remind us and all future paraplanners of our maiden voyage to Paraplanet, all that we saw along the way, and what we wore to get there.

So without further delay, here it is…

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…a Big Bang occurred and after all the atoms had discussed how rude that was and dusted themselves off…a unique planet full of paraplanners was born, and thus we ended up calling it Paraplanet, quite rightly!

Pete Hodkinson, our Chief Medical Officer, was on hand to give us all the safety tips required for a safe flight. Pete is Clinical Senior Lecturer and Head of Aerospace Medicine at King’s College London, so we were in safe hands.

Astrophysicist, space writer, presenter, and now Paraplanet Spaceways’s official Chief Navigation Officer, Dr Jeni Millard pointed out all the sights our teams would be taking in on their explorative journey towards Paraplanet.

And we wouldn’t be true paraplanners if we weren’t stepping into this new frontier without knowing what the future holds for investment in space. So we sent out a call for help, and Octopus Ventures hailed us for a chat.

That’s it. We have carved a new chapter in history exploring Paraplanet and all it’s sights. It is now your turn to go forth and spread the learn, fix, and share motto across the Galaxy.

Over and out from Mission Control…