A bite-sized Assembly on rebalancing

Bite-sized Assembly
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Rebalancing portfolios is a familiar task for paraplanners. Periodically – often after a client’s annual review – we make sure that fund allocations are tweaked so they’re true to original investment goals.

But how does rebalancing work from a platform’s point of view?

During this second episode in a three-part series on life behind the scenes at platforms,  Transact’s national sales manager, Stuart Fleat, walks you through the rebalancing process.

In just four minutes, Stuart explains how a platform calculates and processes sells and buys, how long it takes and how to check tax impacts upfront.

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Missed out on the first episode?

Catch up now with the first episode in this bite-sized Assembly series.

Part 1: A bite-sized Assembly on what happens when you place a trade on a platform. In just 5 minutes and 23 seconds, Transact’s Glen Sweet lifts the lid on what happens behind the scenes at a platform.

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