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Two rows of icons are set across three columns. The top row is fully visible and from left to right: Heading is Flexi phased drawdown, beneath it is a line drawing of a bank safe. Beneath the bank safe are the words 'Use this graphic in your reports to explain flexible drawdown to your clients.' Beneath the text is a download button. The next heading is 'Pension' beneath which is a three-segment pie chart beneath which is the following text: Use this graphic to show the tax position of benefits taken from a pension and a download button underneath. Next the heading reads: DC pension fund beneath which is an icon showing three interlocking engine cogs - one large cog sits above two smaller cogs that are side-by-side. Beneath the image is the following text: Use this graphic to explain the process for a deceased member's DC pension. Beneath that, a download button.

It’s been just over a year since we teamed up with Assembly supporter, Parmenion, and announced the release of the first visuals in our ‘snippet collection’ – a selection of simple free-to-download graphics for use in your reports and documents.

Our big ambition was for paraplanners to suggest ideas that could be turned into custom-made visuals that would help clients understand complex report content more easily. What’s more, you get a say in which idea gets transformed into a report graphic by voting for your favourite idea.

As a result of that, since April 2022, Parmenion have published a total of seven report graphics. These include illustrations for flexi phased drawdown, in specie transfer, bed and ISA, flexible drawdown, pension, DC pension fund and portfolio drift.

(You: That’s all very interesting but why are you telling me all this?)

Because now it’s time to tell us which of the shortlisted concepts picked by your paraplanning peers will become our next snippet.

But hurry because you’ve only got until 4 August 2023 until this round of voting closes!

The good news is that we’ve made voting very easy. In fact, you can complete the survey right here and right now…

Report graphics are available in PNG, JPG and SVG formats so are easy to download, resize and recolour.

In the meantime, why not help yourself to our snippets right now? Just head over to the Snippet Collection and you could soon discover a visual that could bring an idea to life for a client.

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