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Today, we’re setting out our plans for the Powwow in 2015. (Just click through the slideshow above for the potted summary.)

It’s been two years since the idea of an unconference-style Paraplanners Powwow was originally floated – and almost 18 months since the first national event was held.

Since then we’ve held a second national Powwow and – including today’s Powwow In The Middle and North of the Border – a total of nine Powwow events.

In the past year-and-a-half, more than 300 paraplanners have participated in Powwows in Edinburgh, London (x 2), Manchester, Nottingham (x 2) and Leeds.

No fewer than 16 paraplanners have teamed up to organise mini Powwows – for some it’s the first event they’ve ever had a chance to organise in their career so far.

Thanks to the participation of paraplanners across the country, it’s fair to say the Powwow is a flourishing not-for-profit movement.

And thanks to Powwow supporters – 7IM, AXA Wealth, James Hay Partnership, Prudential and Transact – we’ll be able to stage another national Powwow in 2015 and invest in new ways to Powwow.

Because that’s what we want to do this year: To extend the reach of the Powwows so no matter who you are, where you are and how you do it, if you’re a paraplanner you can take part in Powwows.

To do it, we’re going to expand the ways that paraplanners can participate in Powwows. In 2015, we’ll introduce:

  1. Howwows: Webcast-based powwows – with content voted for by Powwowers – offering practical tips on day-to-day paraplanning including techniques, trends and technology.
  2. The Big Tent: A digital teepee for paraplanners with a forum for online debate and discussion hosted at a spruced-up Powwow website.
  3. Grow your own Powwow: We’ll make it easier for paraplanners create their own Powwows by providing the tools and behind-the-scenes support, to run a successful Powwow event.

What’s more – as we said in a recent post – we’re exploring the idea of shared ownership: a cooperative in which, if it’s possible, all Powwow participants will be entitled to an equal stake in the Powwows and their future.

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