Reports and lessons on writing for Paraplanners

When Simon Grover from Quietroom joined us for a Howwow to discuss their work on the Standard Annual Statement, we knew it would be interesting. Well, we wouldn’t have invited him on if we didn’t think it would be. What we didn’t realise was how many top tips he’d share that are equally applicable to the reports that Paraplanners write.

You can watch the Howwow in full here. It’s an hour well spent.

But if you’re short on time, we’ve edited some of the good bits into the blog post here (but really though, watch the whole thing – you won’t regret it).


Let’s start with…saving not contributions

Perhaps the biggest ‘A-HA’ moment of the Howwow was the suggestion that the word ‘contribution’ means little to the client – and that ‘saving’ would resonate better.




Tip top writing techniques

We talked about some basic writing techniques you can use in your reports that will really make a difference to the reader.




We went on to get a better understanding why it’s OK to forget some of the lessons that we learn at school.




The beginning of a report

How should you introduce reports and the question of how much client background information to include in reports got some airtime.






And finally…

We rather liked how Quietroom explain inflation. And if you like it, the QR team said you can use it in your reports.




While we’re here, don’t forget that there are lots of our previous Howwows here. From PROD to tax & trusts, platform due diligence to protection; there aren’t many things we haven’t covered!