Save your spot now. 1pm on Wednesday 19 June 2024. Is there a recipe for successful retirement income advice? With Gareth Davies of Scottish Widows

Join us online at 1pm on Wednesday 19 June 2024 when Gareth Davies from Scottish Widows will share the latest thinking on retirement income advice following the FCA’s thematic review.

Because, believe it or not, it’s already been nine years since the introduction of pension freedoms.

And, while it’s fair to say that the arrival of drawdown transformed the way that clients could plan income in retirement, when the new measures were announced back in 2015, they were made against the backdrop of a generally benign economic climate.

What’s changed and what can paraplanners do?

Today, high interest rates and stubborn inflationary pressure, coupled with greater regulatory scrutiny courtesy of the advent of The Consumer Duty and the conclusions of the FCA’s retirement income review, make for altogether more changeable weather.

So how are paraplanners expected to make forecasts and hatch plans that will deliver sustainable incomes for clients in their retirement? Plans that stack up under scrutiny and against the demands of The Consumer Duty?

What you’ll gain from this Assembly

During this lunch-hour Assembly, Gareth will not only explore these issues but dig into other considerations that will influence paraplanners, advisers and clients when thinking about accumulation and decumulation strategies including:

No matter what your experience or expertise as a paraplanner, this 60-minute session will offer insights that can help you navigate the retirement income advice landscape today, plus ideas that you can apply when you’re thinking about designing a successful and sustainable plan for income in retirement for your clients.

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A special tax year end Assembly combining expert insights and Chat-powered Q&A.

Coming just a week after the Budget statement on 6 March, a little over a fortnight before tax year end, and while the Finance Bill from last October’s statement is still making its way through Parliament, it was the ideal time to tune in to what you really need to know as the tax year hits its paraplanning peak.

To help, we gathered together a stellar panel of experts to share their knowledge and know-how: Les Cameron from M&G Wealth, James Jones-Tinsley of Barnett Waddingham and Transact’s Brian Radbone. (Scottish Widows’s Tom Coughlan, was due to join us but technical gremlins proved too much of an obstacle.)

Expect a lunch-hour discussion laden with lashings of insights on allowances, reliefs and exemptions spanning pensions, ISAs, capital gains tax and inheritance tax (and everything in between).

What can you do to treat a case of fluctuating emoluments?

Join Barnett Waddingham’s James Jones-Tinsley as he takes us on a third exploration of old pensions jargon for paraplanners – that’s what.

James joins host Richard Allum to shed light on acronyms and concepts that paraplanners may encounter in the wild including FURBS, UURBS, cash balance schemes, the difference between final salary and career average, CARE, fluctuating emoluments and straddling PIPs.

Didn’t catch the previous two episodes in James’s popular plain English trilogy? Scroll down in a moment and help yourself.

In part one, which was recorded in May 2022, James covers s226, s32, AVC, FSAVC, EPP, GMP, with profits annuities, GAR and SSAS.

And in part two, he lifts the lid on UFPLS, NMPA, master trusts v deeds, SERPS, S2P, QROPS, ROPS and TIEA. This episode was recorded in January 2023.

This bite-sized Assemblies is available as a podcast episode too. You can listen now on Acast or search ‘Paraplanners’ Assembly’ in your favourite podcast app.

Part one
Part two

Meanwhile, in part one, he covers s226, s32, AVC, FSAVC, EPP, GMP, with profits annuities, GAR and SSAS.

Host Richard Allum was joined by experts Rachel Geary and Murray Smith from Barnett Waddingham for a lunch-hour session exploring what clients need to know if they want to invest in property as part of their pension

Together, they covered the technical, regulatory and legal issues that influence pensions and property, and served up really valuable insights along the way.

Among the topics covered were:

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James Jones-Tinsley of Barnett Waddingham joins host, Richard Allum, for a second short video in which James translates old pensions jargon into something more understandable for today’s paraplanners.

Want to see Part One? Here’s the link: A plain English guide to old pensions jargon: Part One

A video cover image showing the title 'CRPs and the consumer duty effect' in large letters. Beneath it, the subtitle reads 'Recorded on 12 October 2022'.

Heather Hopkins of NextWealth and Andrew Nash from Pru joined host, Richard Allum, for an online Assembly at 1pm on 12 October 2022.

During the hour-long event they covered the emerging trends in CRPs including thoughts on the effect that consumer duty is having on propositions.

They also covered other topics such as whether secure income is making a comeback and insights into client perspectives on the information that advice professionals provide to them.

From now on, there’s no need to visit Crowdcast to save your spot at an online Assembly. Just tap ‘Book event’ and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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You don’t come across SSAS very often, but when you do you need to know what you’re doing with them. We can help with that.

Learning Objectives

During the session we covered…

Brian Radbone of Transact and Richard Allum of The Paraplanners discuss how new regulations designed to prevent pension scams will affect advice professionals and providers dealing with pension transfers.

James Jones-Tinsley of Barnett Waddingham and Richard Allum pick their way through the potpourri of jargon associated with old pensions contract.

James Jones-Tinsley of Barnett Waddingham and Richard Allum pick their way through the potpourri of jargon associated with old pensions contracts.