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The life and times of the lifetime allowance

Tax and trusts

Thursday 19th October 2023





Ever-popular Assembly regular, Les Cameron of M&G Wealth, joined us to answer the question ‘What’s going on with the lifetime allowance?’

Why? Because in his Budget statement to the House of Commons earlier this year, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, announced the removal of the amount you could hold in pension savings before becoming liable for tax.

And that’s quite the change. Because it’s not all that long since Hunt’s predecessors stood accused of levying ‘stealth taxes’ by freezing the LTA at to £1,073,100 – potentially exposing an influx of pension savers to tax liabilities thanks to the effect of inflation.

So with proposed legislation removing the LTA and introducing a rise in the annual allowance, doesn’t the future look rosey for pension savers and their pots?

Or do other proposed measures – like setting a limit of £268,275 on tax-free lump sums – muddy the waters a bit?

Well, that’s where Les came in. Because over the lunch-hour session he:

  • recapped the saga of the lifetime allowance so far
  • explained the changes that the government has proposed
  • explored what’s already happened (and what’s still left to happen); and 
  • considered what it all means for paraplanners working on retirement planning cases for clients.

Be honest. This stuff is like catnip to a paraplanner isn’t it?

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Les Cameron
M&G Wealth

Les leads the M&G Wealth Technical Team working to maintain their position as one of the most widely respected technical support units in financial services.

A fellow of the PFS, Les spends his time reading, writing and speaking about pensions, tax and trusts to our internal stakeholders, press, paraplanners and financial advisers.

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M&G Wealth have created a page on their website where you can download Les’s slides AND complete a brief test to obtain your CPD certificate for taking part. To visit, just tap the link below.

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