Case Study Investigation: getting to the bottom of top slicing relief

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Friday 22nd March 2024





Watch Case Study Investigation: getting to the bottom of top slicing relief featuring Steve Sayer from Utmost International

It’s no secret that top slicing relief offers a powerful method of reducing tax liability by spreading bond gains across each year of the lifetime of the bond. 

But no matter how experienced a paraplanner you may be, working out the best way to make use of the relief, and getting the top slicing calculations right, can be tricky.

Join Steve and Richard as they crack the case

That’s why we think this case study investigation (CSI) on top slicing will be right up your street.

In this 45-minute special on top slicing, Utmost International’s technical sales manager, Steve Sayer, joins The Paraplanners’ Richard Allum, to pick his way through a case study featuring fictional client, David. 

Designed to give you the chance to consider the financial planning opportunities from all sorts of angles, this CSI will help you:

  • understand how top slicing relief works and when it can be applied;
  • calculate top slicing relief as accurately and tax efficiently as you can;
  • work out strategies to assign bond segments to spouses or beneficiaries to reduce tax liabilities;
  • understand how pension contributions can be used to save tax and maximise relief; and
  • navigate how bond gains, personal allowances, and other sources of income work together
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Whether you’re new to top slicing relief or are a seasoned pro, it never hurts to top up your knowledge and know how – especially when it can make such a big difference to a client’s financial plan.


Steve Sayer

Utmost Wealth Solutions' Technical Sales Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the international life assurance sector. During this time he has provided tax and trust technical services, specialising in non-domicile and IHT planning. He also has experience of cross-border planning and the development of products for the UK high-net-worth market.

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