Study hints and exam techniques

If exams have you quaking in your boots, this Howwow may be all you need to help you through exam season!

We were joined by two Paraplanners who can’t get enough of revision and sitting exams, Alan Gow and Claire Lindsay, as well as life long learner, Amira Norris from Nucleus. Last but by no means least, CII Qualifications Director, Nicola Mellor joined us to explain the ins and outs of remotely invigilated exams.

If you missed it or loved it so much you want to watch it again, here’s the replay.


We shared a few links during the Howwow. Here they are…

From the CII

CII and COVID19 – FAQs

Here’s the link for those taking onscreen written exams in July.

Introduction to how the tests will look.

From Alan Gow

How to make notes your brain will remember for the exam and beyond.

More helpful articles from Genius Materials.

Learning resources from Nucleus

Illuminate learn is an online portal offering a wide variety of training packages designed to support you as you prepare for exams and further your personal development. It’s good!

Support for CII AF1

From Fidelity Fundsnetwork, a series of five videos to support Paraplanners preparing for the CII AF1 exam.