Reports, reports, reports

Every time we run a survey with Powwow-ers, reports comes out towards the top of Paraplanners’ list of ‘things they want to learn more of’.

Over the years, we’ve run a number of different events – live and online – on this topic and we thought we’d gather the content we have in one spot to help you find it.

We held our first full day report writing Howwow in 2017 and then wrote all about it here.

Words in reports

We’ve two Howwows to draw from for writing for reports.

Back in March 2018, Simon Grover from Quietroom joined us for a report writing surgery. You can watch the replay here – over 200 people have so far.

More recently, in March 2020, Simon joined us again. This time he was sharing the work Quietroom have done on the Standard Annual Statement. There were loads of lessons from that that can be applied to writing for reports.

You can watch the replay here but we’ve shared some snippets here too.

Design in reports

Our Howwow that focussed on design principles was extremely popular. We were joined by Design Guru, Mike Bond from Design Studio, Bond & Coyne. Can you guess the biggest topic for debate? Ragged right over justified text!

Watch the replay here and here are Mike’s slides.


Useful links

When we spot something that may be helpful when thinking about improving your reports, we’re adding the link here.


  • Quietroom brought Cormac McCarthy’s tips on writing science papers to our attention. While science papers may be very different to financial reports, there are some principles apply and lessons to take from the article, not least explaining complex concepts to people people who aren’t experts.