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In our monthly online Assembly, gurus and paraplanners share top tips and best practice on current topics. Most folk tune-in and ask questions on the day, but for those times when you can’t make – or if you just want to watch it all over again – we’ve recorded it.

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2021 assemblies

All you wanted to know about stochastic modelling

Curious about stochastic modelling? Then this is the online assembly for you. Join us as we tackle all the questions we should ask about stochastic modelling.

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Starting out in paraplanning

If you’re starting out in paraplanning, this is for you. Our experts shared their experiences and knowledge to help you work out your next step.

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From theory to practical – Centralised Retirement Propositions (CRPs)

We looked at the evolution of Centralised Retirement Propositions (CRPs).

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Research and analysis tools: What’s on your shortlist?

Like a good research and analysis tool? Ever wondered what other people are using? Our panel sifted through what’s out there, went through their browser bookmarks and shared their go-to websites and resources to help you with your day-to-day paraplanning.

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Bond gain update and planning tips

We welcomed back Utmost Wealth Solutions for not one but three technical episodes. First up was a deep dive into bond gains and planning tips with Steve Sayer, Technical Sales Manager at Utmost and Online Assembly alumni.

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Paraplanners Protection Toolkit – Episode 1

The first of three Online Assemblies where we are partnered with Vitality to discuss protection. Episode one gives us all the what’s and why’s of protection.

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Digging into cash flow modelling

A whole hour dedicated to cash flow modelling looking at, what’s it all about and why you should be doing it, the benefits for paraplanners, the benefits for clients, best practice and top tips, and live software demos.

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Paraplanners Protection Toolkit – Episode 2

The second of three Online Assemblies where we partnered with Vitality to discuss protection. This episode is all about the protection policy and review.

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Paraplanners Protection Toolkit – Episode 3

The third and final of three Online Assemblies where we partnered with Vitality to discuss protection. Now we’re onto navigating safely the potential protection pot-holes and how to go about troubleshooting them.

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Case Study Investigation (CSI): Paraplanners – Pensions and divorce case study with Ascentric

Our crack team of investigators came together to investigate a pensions and divorce case study. Looking at where to start with divorce cases, the options for dealing with pensions, dealing with other assets, working out a suitable solution for both parties, and what other financial actions should be looked at.

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Cash flow modelling 2.0

Because it is such a popular topic, and because we also ran out of time to discuss everything, we’re back with another session on the topic.

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Retirement planning – new era, new thinking

Whilst there is little doubt that many of the principles outlined in recent guidance should be part of any retirement advice framework, there is need to need to look real world application taking into account client behaviour and understanding. This is why we were pleased to welcome Just to help guide us through this topic from a paraplanner perspective.

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Risk profiling and mapping under the microscope

Why are we so beguiled by risk questionnaires? Most paraplanners and advisers use a risk profiling tool as part of their suitability process but are they the right tool for the job? We got into all the details on these questions in this Assembly.

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Relevant Property Regime

Utmost Wealth Solutions are back for the second instalment in a four part technical series on trusts and how they’re taxed. This session will covered the Relevant Property Regime including, 2006 changes, entry charges, exit charges in the first 10 years, principle charges (periodic and 10 year) and exit charges after 10 years.

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Trust tax calculations and planning

Utmost Wealth Solutions share their thoughts in this third instalment in a four part technical series on trusts and how they’re taxed. This session will covered settled property grossing up and additions, discounted gift and loan trusts, planning opportunities, and the order of gifts.

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Case Study Investigation (CSI): Paraplanners – Lifetime allowance with Ascentric

Our crack team of paraplanners and a topic expert came together to investigate a lifetime allowance case study where they looked at the key planning considerations when advising clients around the Lifetime Allowance.

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Back to Basics – Economic fundamentals and the basics of investing

Rathbones lend their expertise in a two part ‘back to basics’ series that does just that – lay a solid investing knowledge foundation. On the cards for episode one is saving vs investing, jargon busting, inflation and why it’s important, why invest, different asset classes, and risk vs reward.

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Back to Basics – Building a suitable investment strategy and portfolio

The second part of our ‘back to basics’ on investing series with Rathbones. This time around we covered putting the client at the centre, different investment styles, what is passive investing and when does it work, what is active investing and when does it work, portfolio building blocks, correlation and diversification, measuring risk and returns, and benchmarking.

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Family Investment Companies and budget tax changes

We welcomed back Utmost Wealth Solutions for the fourth and final instalment in a four part technical series. Four whole deep dives into trusts and how they’re taxed. This time around we looked at the recent budget announcements, Family Investment Companies, and what the dividend and national insurance changes mean.

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Case Study Investigation (CSI): Paraplanners – IHT and the Deed of Variation with Ascentric

Our team of investigators made up of paraplanners and an expert have met to dissect and discuss a case study on IHT and the Deed of Variation. They looked at how to calculate excess income for IHT, calculate a detailed IHT liability statement, understand the main IHT planning strategies and the pros and cons of each, as well as how to understand how a Deed of Variation can work and the tax implications.

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Big Festive Paraplanner End of the Year Show

For their fifth and final Assembly with us,  M&G Wealth helped us put on a festive party popping hour long Paraplanner end of the year show.

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2020 assemblies

FE Analytics follow up with Edward Bateman

More on the FE analytics tool covering calculators on ex-ante charges and RIY, account admin and archiving, the bespoke report builder, guide to charts and lots more. Bonus extras can be found on the blog here.

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Platform due diligence with the lang cat

With FCA’s new platform rules coming into force in July 2020, platform pro Mike Barrett from the lang cat came in to talk what the rules mean, share due diligence, plus gave a live demo of the the platform analyser.

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Let us introduce you to the new-ish Sheriff in town; PROD!

Partnering with Ascentric for a five part technical series called the Magnificant Five. To get the ball rolling we started with with the new-ish sheriff in town, PROD. We covered things like the rules and responsibilities, segmentation, and reporting in attempt to make PROD a little more digestible for paraplanners. Plus there’s CPD up for grabs too.

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Communicating pensions with Quietroom

In designing the a new Standard Annual Statement in collaboration with the DWP, Eversheds, and in consultation with lots of different parties and over that time, Quietroom learnt lots of lessons. Many that are relevant to Paraplanners and our ongoing task to turn the complex into something meaningful to clients in reports.

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Managing paraplanning teams

For leaders or managers of paraplanning teams, this Howwow was for you. Our panel explored how to lead, manage and inspire your team and set them up for success during this time. Answering your questions we had Powwow favourite, leadership coach and consultant Rachael Hurdman of Arch inspire, and Powwow volunteer Aleks Sasin, Founder and Chief Paraplanner at NavigatusPlus, you can grab some of the resources from that Howwow here.

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Design principles for reports

If the chatroom was anything to go by, discussing the design of reports proved a very popular topic with much (friendly) debate. Luckily Mike Bond, Strategy & Client Director of Bond + Coyne, was on hand to explain why some design works and why some just doesn’t. This included fonts, columns, colour, presenting data and lots more (including whispers justification of text). You can find a copy of Mike’s slides here too.

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Talking vulnerable clients

Having a robust strategy for vulnerable clients has always been important but during the Covid-19 crisis it is now more than ever. Joined by Martin Lines from Just, this Howwow will give you the tools you need to ensure your approach is robust. Plus get all the resources shared here. 

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A journey to the Centralised Investment Proposition frontier

Our second online with Ascentric journeys to the Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) frontier. Whether you’re new to the Paraplanner profession and want to find out more about CIPs or actively involved in a review of your business’ CIP, this should help.

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For Administrators and client service teams

Joined by a panel of experienced administration and client support professionals in an hour long online talking about their roles.

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Estate planning processes and procedures

John Bunker, consultant with Irwin Mitchell, freelance legal and tax trainer and in the process of writing the The Law Society’s Inheritance Tax Planning Handbook, takes us through some estate planning basics, focussing on the processes and procedures to be aware of.

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Study hints and tips

From revision tips from seasoned exam sitters to thoughts on how to study together in groups, we know that Paraplanners like to share best practice on revision and exam preparation and that’s what we did in this online.

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Paraplanner to something else career hour

Taking questions on careers beyond paraplanning were Rohan Sivajoti and Caroline Singleton – both former paraplanners who have moved into different roles. Rohan is a Director and Adviser at Postcard Planning. He’s also the co-founder of NextGen Planners. Caroline is a Technical Specialist at Money Matterssetting and ensuring the company maintains its compliance standards.

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The Paraplanner essentials to Centralised Retirement Propositions

This is our third online gathering with Ascentric and we’re looking Centralised Retirement Propositions (CRPs). We’re joined by Next Wealth’s Heather Hopkins, author of a recent report on CRPs for Ascentric.

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State pensions with FundsNetwork

State Pensions are an important part of many peoples’ plans. So, Paul Squirrell, National Pensions Development Manager, from FundsNetwork is joined us to discuss this topic.

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Ethical investing – The Basics

Talking the basics of ethical investing in this online Assembly.  Leading us in the chat is Mollie Thornton, Investment Manager at Parmenion. If you are still trying to wrap your head around all the terminology and want to cement your basic understanding then this hour is for you.

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Paraplanner productivity hacks

Paraplanners sharing ways to improve processes and speed up work practices.

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Exploring UK tax basics – Episode 1

Utmost Wealth Solutions joined us for another series featuring three online Assemblies focussing on tax. First up, if you are looking for an introduction or useful refresher on UK tax for savings and especially offshore bonds? Look no further. This Online Assembly takes it all the way back to the essentials.

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Building and managing your SRI/ESG strategy

This is our fourth online gathering with Ascentric and we looked at how you build and manage your SRI/ESG strategy.

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Offshore bonds deep dive – Episode 2

In this episode we got into into the detail of offshore bonds. We’re going to discuss: chargeable event regime, the power of gross roll up, top slicing – basic and advanced, update on the Silver case with worked examples and Bonds vs GIA.

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A bond is for life (and beyond)  – Episode 3

third and final episode on tax and bonds, this time we looked at the lifetime handling of a bond, discussing dealing with an estate, what tax is due on a bond and who pays it, an succession planning, plus lots more.

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Wrappers and tax

This is our fifth online gathering in 2020 with Ascentric and we talked tax, specifically tax efficient retirement income strategies and keeping CGT in order.

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Behavioural science 101 for paraplanners

We were pleased to welcome back Dr. Thomas Mathar for a behavioural science special. Listen to hear Tom discuss the importance of understanding behavioural science within paraplanning.

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Active vs Passive – Investment styles under review

Active. Passive. Multi-Asset. Evidenced Based. Advisory. Discretionary. There’s plenty of jargon there but what do they all mean? How do they work? Is it possible to work out which one is best? Find out our experts thoughts in this online assembly.

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2019 howwows

january howwow: MIFID II – communicating charges to your clients with the lang cat

Joined by Mike Barrett from the lang cat and Paraplanner Benjamin Fabi, we explore the different approaches platforms are taking to communicating charges as MiFID II starts to bite.

Watch it here


February howwow: CRP – What is it, who is it for and needs one?

For this Howwow, we’re joined by Tim Coverdale – Head of Business Development in the North of England and Scotland at 7IM and Martin Lines – Business Development Director at Just.It covers:

  • What is a CRP – is it a CIP with a different name?
  • Who is it right for?
  • Building a process and strategy
  • Tools and stress testing
  • Reviews

There is also a follow up blog to address further questions that came up.

Watch it here


March Howwow: Paraplanning Open Mic

We’re joined by Rebecca Lucas – Owner of Lime Outsourced Paraplanning and Andy Marshall to explore the day-to-day paraplanning questions. True to the unconference principles of the Powwow, the topics unfurled on the day and the participants answered them with gusto!

Watch it here


May Howwow: Putting protection through its paces with Aegon

In this Howwow we talk through the key aspects of protection for a client joined by Mike Williams, Protection Development Manager, at Aegon.

Join us as we talk through not only why it’s needed and what the solutions are, but also get some practical insight into policy set up and what happens when a claim is made.

Watch it here


June Howwow: Polishing your investment research skills

In this Howwow we’ll take you through the steps needed to understand investments all from a paraplanner perspective. Covering things such as the long scan from FE Analytics, as well as how to research a fund and start building an investment policy statement.

Joining us as a guest guru was Nicki Hinton-Jones, Founder of XPM Investment Consulting. 

Watch it here


july Howwow: All about later life planning

In this Howwow we’ll discuss the latest financial planning issues that paraplanners should be considering with regards to later life planning. We’ll also share some of the useful resources the Powwow community have uncovered on care fees planning and support.

Watch it here


UTMOST 2019 series: exploration of investments bonds

Join Utmost for a deeper dive into the workings of investment bonds. Exploring this topic in a three episode series covering, basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Watch Episode 1 – Basic

Watch Episode 2 – Intermediate

Watch Episode 3 – Advanced

October Howwow: deep dive into fe analytics

FE Analytics is one of the most popular tools in the paraplanning community, so we were rather happy when were  joined by them for this interactive session.

Watch it here


October Howwow: Making sense of FOS – A TWO PARTER

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at FOS and how it affects you and your role? We’re joined by FOS veteran, Chris Wells who now runs his own consultancy IFAs Included, to make sense of it all.

Episode 1 and Episode 2


november Howwow: digging in to dfm due diligence

As a core task for many paraplanners DFM due diligence is a topic that deserved a Howwow all to itself, which is why we were delighted to be joined by Chris Jones of DD|hub to provide exactly that.

Watch it here

December Howwow: Cash Management with Octopus investments

Back joining us for another Howwow is Octopus Investments, and this time we are talking cash management, a topic that is increasingly on our radar.

Watch it here


2018 Howwows

January Howwow: MiFID II & Costs – What happened next…?

Looking at the practical implications and issues of finding accurate information, the various anomalies, how to report it and paraplanning experiences so far. Our panel had already posted some blog pieces. On trading cost anomalies and negative costs catch Nathan Fryer’s piece here. Read Mike Barrett’s MiFID II reality check here and excellent reporting of what’s happening on the ground here.

Watch it here


February Howwow: What does GDPR mean for you?

Our panel talked through how businesses measure up against the 12 ICO GDPR principles, the legal basis around processing personal data, and lots more. Due to technical difficulties the slides didn’t appear, so we’ve popped them here.

Watch it here


March Howwow: Report writing surgery with Quietroom

Word meisters, Quietroom (of report writing Howwow fame) held a surgery on all those report writing bugbears, from writing and communication techniques, language usage, and how to proofread like a boss. Before you watch the Howwow, make sure you watch this animation first.

Finished? Good. All will be revealed once you’ve watched the Howwow.

Watch it here


April Howwow: What do the FCA papers mean for DB transfers?

This month’s Howwow looked at DB transfers in light of the recent FCA Policy Statement PS18/6 and Consultation Paper CP18/7.  Joined by Aegon’s Pension Director, Steven Cameron, we talked through the application of these papers and their potential to improve the quality of pension transfer advice to clients.

Watch it here


May Howwow:Rory Percival talks cash flow planning

In this Howwow our panel looked at cash slow planning from a paraplanner’s perspective with Rory Percival. We discusssed how to research and do due diligence on a tool, review it’s continued suitability, the various  tools and their uses, and lots more.

Watch it here


Powwow original: The Utmost Tax and Trust Howwows

In 2017 we asked you what content you wanted us to try and bring to you, and you asked for more tax and trust content. So, not ones to disappoint, we’ve partnered with Utmost Wealth Solutions to bring you five episodes on Tax and Trusts, covering wrapper taxation, pension death benefits, FICs and lots more.

Watch them here


july Howwow: Building & running a paraplanning team

A panel of paraplanners and Rachael Hurdman – founder of Arch inspire, shared their practical tips and experience on how to build and run a paraplannning team. This Howwow is perfect for anyone wanting tips on working within a team, anyone thinking of career development or for any team leaders or managers out there.

Watch it here


October and November: Powwow original: OCtopus IHT howwows

If helping clients plan better for inheritance tax is your thing, then this series of three online Howwows is essential viewing. For this series, we partnered with Powwow supporter Octopus Investments.

The series ran over three episodes:

Episode 1:  IHT planning. Getting it right for every client 

Exploring three of the most popular estate planning strategies – gifting, trusts and Business Property Relief.

Watch it here

Episode 2: Using trusts as part of a client’s estate planning

For many clients, trusts will be the backbone of their estate planning. So we’ll look at how trusts interact with other strategies.

Watch it here

Getting to grips with Business Property Relief

Business Property Relief (BPR) is a well-established investment incentive and estate planning tool so we’ll take a closer look at BPR-qualifying investments and how they can complement other inheritance tax planning strategies.

Watch it here


november howwow: mifid ii suitability with dynamic planner

Chris Jones, Proposition Director from Dynamic Planner joined us to take a deep dive into the suitability requirements introduced by MiFID II.

Watch it here


2017 Howwows

February Howwow: Day-to-day paraplanning

Joined by paraplanners who work from home full time, part time and even Canada, we talked through top tips for the day-to-day managing of work-flow, as well how to successfully work from home.

Watch it here


March Howwow: Later Life Planning

With experts in the field of later life planning, we tackled this important issue that is becoming more and more relevant for clients with the increased longevity and greater awareness of care fees.

Watch it here


April Howwow: Outsourced Paraplanning

The Howwow for anyone thinking of setting up and running an outsourced paraplanning business – covering what you need in order to set up to how to stay on top of CPD. There’s also a useful blog post accompanying this Howwow click here.

Watch it here


May Howwow: The next paraplanner generation

As a relatively new role within financial services, we discussed the training, recruiting and the career opportunities for the new generation of paraplanners.

Watch it here


June Howwow: TECHNICAL Chat with Rory Percival 

Rory Percival – former Technical Specialist at The FCA, frequent contributor at conferences and the Powwows, talked best practice on topics such as DB transfers, evidencing suitability, and risk profiling tools. You’ll find a copy of notes Rory’s Howwow here. 

Watch it here


July Howwow: Demystifying the Residential Nil Rate Band

Carol Wells, Head of Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning at Abbey Tax and an expert speaker on this topic. Carol talks us through the technical aspect of RNRB including, relief limits, impact on trusts, and downsizing rules. Once you’ve watched the Howwow, head to blog and download a copy of Carol’s slides here.

Watch it here


August Howwow: Study, revision & exam techniques for paraplanners

Our exam guru, John Reynolds shares the proven techniques that deliver measurable results in exams. His research uses predictive modelling to support the development of today’s paraplanners and financial planners, with the aim of making learning and development as effective as possible.

Watch it here


September Howwow: What is social impact investing?

We discussed the emerging field of social impact investing from a paraplanning perspective. Our experts talked through the true definition of social impact investing, how to research and review funds and portfolios, and manage clients expectations.

Watch it here


October online: Revisiting risk with Rory Percival

Rory Percival – the former Technical Specialist at The FCA did is second Howwow of the year on risk profiling covering the concerns the FCA have flagged in 2017 and what are firms still getting wrong. Plus we chat through the main findings from Rory’s recent research paper into risk profiling tools.

Watch it here


December Howwow: What does MiFiD II mean for paraplanners?

We rolled November and December into one Howwow. Why? Because we wanted to talk MiFID II and felt Christmas jumpers would soften the blow. The panel tackled annual cost disclosure, 10% reporting rules and suitability.

Watch it here

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