A bite-sized Assembly on investing for US expats

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Friday 3rd May 2024





To mark Independence Day in the United States, we thought we’d treat you to a bonus episode: a bite-sized Assembly that’s all about investing for US expats living in the UK.

Because despite being citizens of the ‘land of the free’, once they leave the USA’s shores, expat savers and investors often face complex challenges to stay on the right side of the US equivalent of HMRC: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

So what do paraplanners in the UK need to know to support US expat clients? Who better to ask for expert knowledge and insight than a specialist in investing for US expats: Canaccord Genuity’s Laurence Leigh.

In this bite-sized Assembly, Laurence explores:

  • The unique tax challenges facing US citizens abroad – including worldwide taxation and annual IRS returns
  • Investment limitations and potential pitfalls, such as the risks of UK ISAs and non-US listed funds
  • Solutions for compliant investing – including US-recognised structures and expert portfolio management

In just ten minutes, Laurence covers the dos and don’ts of advising US expats, the limitations of UK platforms, and the severe penalties for non-compliance.

It’s an episode packed with practical advice that will give you confidence in ensuring US expat clients can invest effectively and stay compliant on both sides of the Atlantic.


Laurence Leigh
Canaccord Genuity

Laurence specialises in managing bespoke portfolios on both a discretionary and advisory basis for private clients, trusts, charities and pension funds. He has a particular expertise in single stock investing and sits on Canaccord's UK Small Cap Stock Selection Committee. He also sits on the US Investor Services Committee and has built a large client base of US citizens living in the UK. He is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. Prior to joining Canaccord, Laurence spent four years within the private wealth division of Goldman Sachs.

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