Study hints and exam techniques

If exams have you quaking in your boots, this Howwow may be all you need to help you through exam season! We were joined by two Paraplanners who can’t get enough of revision and sitting exams, Alan Gow and Claire … Continued

Reports, reports, reports

Every time we run a survey with Powwow-ers, reports comes out towards the top of Paraplanners’ list of ‘things they want to learn more of’. Over the years, we’ve run a number of different events – live and online – … Continued

Managing vulnerable clients with Just

Do you have a vulnerable clients policy? Is it a check box exercise or build into your culture? On 29th April, we were joined by Martin Lines Business Development Director of Just to explore the tools available to help Paraplanners … Continued

FE Analytics the second instalment

Over the moon doesn’t begin to describe it, when Edward Bateman from FE analytics kindly agreed to pop back for a second interactive session on the tool. What there was one before this one!? Yep, and you can watch the … Continued