A plain English guide to old pensions jargon

  GMPs. GARs. S32s. EPPs. Ever felt befuddled by old pensions jargon? Well de-befuddle yourself and watch Barnett Waddingham‘s James Jones-Tinsley offer plain English summaries for a potpourri of pensions terminology in this video conversation with Richard Allum recorded earlier this year.

Responsible investing

In this brief but wide-ranging conversation, Will Mcintosh-Whyte of Rathbones talks with Richard Allum of the Paraplanners’ Assembly tackle the question of what ‘responsible investment’ is and whether it differs from ideas like ESG, or ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ investing.

Talking top slicing relief

All the information, links and resources to support our online Assemblies on top slicing relief  and featuring Steve Sayer of Utmost.   📺 Watch the replay of the Assembly broadcast on 29 June 2022 here. 📄 Find the slides here. ✔️ … Continued