This time it’s personal

Don’t worry – we’ve not come over all Sopranos. No, ‘This time it’s personal’ is the name of the Powwow’s next full-day Howwow. A full day dedicated to helping paraplanners develop their soft skills.

But why?
Every year, we ask the Paraplanners in the Powwow community what topics they’d like us to explore. Emotional intelligence and soft skills have been a recurring theme. In response, we’ve run a couple of short sessions – a campfire at a Powwow and this online Howwow. We learnt that there is far greater demand for this topic among paraplanners, certainly enough for us to try a full day Howwow.

So, the Powwow is going to satisfy this demand. Not because we think paraplanners lack these skills but because we think that as an audience, they are keen to further develop them – building on the skills they already have.

So, 12th November will see the Powwow run its first ever soft skills Howwow. A full day dedicated to developing the skills and an action plan to help you.

We’ll spend part of the day concentrating on feedback and challenging; developing strategies, tactics and action plans to help paraplanners work alongside financial planners to deliver the best client outcomes.

Visit our website to discover what else we’ll cover and more about the Gurus who will lead the day.

It’s not just the Powwow community that think these skills are important. There’s plenty of independent research to provide further evidence of their importance. In their 2019 Global Talent Trends report, LinkedIn found 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers agree that candidates with strong soft skills are increasingly important.

True to Powwow principles, we’re building in lots of opportunity to work alongside and share with other Paraplanners – all of whom want to share how they go about building positive and productive relationships.

We’re looking forward to exploring these new topics for the Powwow.