Managing paraplanning teams remotely

Calling all paraplanner leaders or paraplanner team managers! On 16th April, we were joined by leadership coach and consultant, Rachael Hurdman of Arch inspire and Aleks Sasin, Founder and Chief Paraplanner of Navigatus to share ideas on leading, managing and inspiring your team while working remotely; setting them up for success during this time.

We covered:

  • How to adopt and maintain a positive mindset in order to lead and manage successfully looking at your circle of control and resilience
  • How to engage and communicate with your teams
  • How you can equip yourself with the tools, skills and confidence to be the best possible leader
  • How to capture the positives and key lessons from this experience, which will enhance the way you work as a leader with your team in the future.

Watch the replay

If you missed it or want to watch again, you can watch the replay here.

Your resources

The panel shared a number of resources to help team leaders and managers better understand and manage paraplanning teams through the current situation.

  1. Rachael’s post on the change curve.
  2. Rachael recently posted about the circle of control. She has completed the Circle of Control template for herself  to give you an idea of how it works – Populated Circle of Control.
  3. The panel discussed resilience. Rachael has shared this useful document that helps you to identify sources of resilience – My resilience sources.

In addition, you may find following resources helpful.

The people at Basecamp gave some great answers to questions on this topic. They also, quite literally, wrote the book on remote working.

This toolkit for remote working and, finally, something from Andy Bounds on team updates and how they should change.

And if you want more on managing a paraplanning team

Way back in July 2018, we were joined by Rachael and a panel of Paraplanners on a Howwow to discuss the essentials of managing a paraplanning team. You can watch the replay here.

And if you want EVEN more on managing a paraplanning team…

Email us and tell us exactly what ideas on the guidance you’d find useful. We can’t promise anything but we’ll do our best.