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There has been a growing level of qualification and professionalism within advisory firms since the introduction of the RDR in 2012. Paraplanners have been at the heart of this development and, accordingly, FundsNetwork has always recognised their importance to the advisory market. They are the engines of the advisory practice, allowing advisers to do what they do best – see the clients and nurture those relationships.

The growth in the paraplanning role has come against a backdrop of incessant industry change from a regulatory, legislative and technical perspective. These developments will undoubtedly continue to present challenges. Therefore, to help you stay on top of all the technical and regulatory intricacies of pensions, retirement and tax planning, we’ve developed various technical insights, covering a wide range of areas. We also help for those studying for industry exams or who simply want to improve their pension knowledge – visit our website or dedicated paraplanner hub to find out more.

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