FE Analytics the second instalment

Over the moon doesn’t begin to describe it, when Edward Bateman from FE analytics kindly agreed to pop back for a second interactive session on the tool. What there was one before this one!? Yep, and you can watch the first episode and get all the notes here. When you are done with that episode you can watch the second instalment here, plus Edward has put together a summary of the session here and answered some more questions below.

Negative Transactional Charges in Ex-Ante Costs & Charges Calculator

I had a look at this in Analytics and it looks like the calculator treats negative charges in the same way as other charges so they have the effect of reducing the total ongoing product cost figure.

Negative Transactional Charges FE Analytics

Initial Charge Applied on Day 1 or throughout life of Portfolio

Edward is checking on this and we’ll post the answer here and let you know.

Preference for Public

This can be set up in each account! Go to the Menu and select Settings.

Preference for public FE analytics settings

The first section that opens is My Settings and here you can change the Saved Item Privacy, the scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Preference for public user preferences FE Analytics

Archived items are indeed only visible in the account they were created in if they were saved as Private, if they are saved as public then they will be visible to everyone in the group.

If you want to change everything in your account to Public Full Access, use the Select All Rows option and then the Edit Privacy option. If each person in your group does so, everyone will have access to everything. To do this with archived items they will first need to be restored.

Preference for Public Edit Privacy FE Analytics

If a file is saved to a client, then the client needs to be updated in the Client Manager so that they are set as “Accessible to my group”. This will update the client and any saved research to be public.

Preference for Public save to client FE analytics