10 November 2021 Reports Extravaganza 2021: the online event that's 100% dedicated to all the aspects of reports - the words, the rules, and mastering Microsoft Word.

What's it all about?

There are few topics dearer to a Paraplanner’s heart than that of reports. At least that’s what Paraplanner Assembly surveys and events seem to suggest. While reports aren’t the only tool to help people understand their financial futures, they are an important one to get right, and one where paraplanners play an important role.

That’s why our Report Extravaganza special is back for the second time this year. So, if you missed out on a spot the first time around, this is it, it’s your time to shine and discuss all things reports with your paraplanner peers. We will put all aspects of reports under the microscope. This time around we will look at the words, the rules and, cue drum roll…mastering Microsoft Word. And if you have time to spare, at the end we’re offering an optional session for people new to paraplanning – a beginner’s beginners guide to reports, if you like.

You’ll work alongside experts and other paraplanners to deconstruct and reconstruct your own reports. We’re going to dive into the language, communication styles, how regulation affects what you do, how to master tools like Word and much more.

So that at the end of the day, you’ll walk away with the know-how and skills to create even better reports which make more sense to everybody involved. Hurrah!

Helping us make it happen is the lovely folk at Aegon – so a big thanks to them.

Is this day for me?

What if you’ve been to one before? It’s good to see you back. There will be some similarities between this and previous report events. This time around you are going to benefit from our in depth look at Word available with our new expert, plus you’ll get up to date information on any rule changes and how these impact reports.

Not been to one before? Now is your chance to get involved. As an online event, no potential travel restrictions or geographical distances will stand in the way of you coming along.

THE DETAILS and experts

Like all good report events we’ll tackle the topic of report writing in-depth. We’ll use real-life report examples and work through four aspects.

The words

Quietroom will take the words we use in reports and show how we can shape them into something which makes sense to clients. Making every word count is their speciality. They believe when you’re good at using words, you’re better at explaining your ideas, sharing your enthusiasm, and getting stuff done. We couldn’t agree more.

They gave Santa a long overdue rebrand in the Santa brand book. Plus they’re the makers of the 3 pension options in 3 minutes.

Joining from Quietroom is Emily Bate.

Emily is a senior writer at Quietroom, where she helps people know what they’re dealing with when it comes to complex pension issues and helps companies articulate their goals and strategies. In her spare time, Emily can often be found shopping for stationery, or buying the shabbiest-looking books on the second-hand shelf. She’s also a foreign language fan, a novice cook, an amateur calligrapher, and a wannabe hula hooper. Hula hoopist. Hula hooperator.

The rules

Then there’s the i’s to dot and the t’s to cross. That’s why our rules experts will join us to help explain the regulatory parameters we need to work within. That includes insights into what needs to be in reports, but also what doesn’t – that age-old paraplanner quandary.

Our rules expert is Carla Langley, Head of Proposition at Progeny. Having worked in financial services for 16 years, Carla has have worked in many different roles across a financial planning business. From advising, to paraplanning, to operations, right through to compliance and business consultancy. She recently moved from threesixty services where she spent a number of years as Head of Proposition, working with many advisory businesses, to Progeny. At Progeny she is Head of Proposition, responsible for developing Progeny’s professional services into a unique client proposition. This role is very much thinking about what is delivered to clients, and how this is delivered. Her professional expertise very much sits in and around understanding FCA requirements, and implementing them in a client friendly manner.

Outside of work Carla is a dog-obsessed adrenaline junky. She spends most of her time snowboarding, paddleboarding and scuba diving. When she can’t do any of those things you’ll find her photographing dogs (as she’s a dog photographer at weekends!)


Get the feeling you are not getting the most out of Microsoft tools? Then pop along to our mastering Microsoft Word session, where we will look at those built-in hidden features that can make report writing more efficient and consistent. You’ll come away with a list of top tips to put into practice straight away, things such as:

– Ins and outs of producing reports and templates in word
– Setting up templates that save you time and ensure consistent branding
– Shared text libraries
– Formatting tips
– Word shortcuts and top tips
– Really advanced tips and the role of macros?

Your expert for the day is Melanie Francis, Principal Consultant at Expert Office Documents. Mel has over 23 years experience developing and supporting Microsoft Office applications. When it comes to working with Word, Excel or PowerPoint, she loves developing templates and automated reports to help people do their job well, save time and reduce frustration. While a lot of her work has been with large multi-national organisations, she’s also worked with financial advice and planning practices developing new custom templates, resolving problems with existing templates and documents or just formatting and producing documents.

breakdown of the Event

Not only will you get all the theory, you’ll have the opportunity to get into the detail of the specific areas, ask questions and work through the examples with the people in the know.

08:30-09:00 Register, socialise
09:00 Welcome
09:15 Huddle 1
10:10 Break 1
10:15 Huddle 2
11:10 Break 2
11:30 Huddle 3
12:25 Big Huddle
13:15-13:45 New to reports – top tips on how to get started with your reports (optional extra)


Q&A: When, where and how much?


Join our Report Extravaganza for paraplanners from across the country from the comfort of your office chair or sofa, as we broadcast live using a nifty bit of kit called Hopin. Check-in is 8:30am – be there or be square, on Wednesday 10 November 2021.

how much does it cost?

All this for £25 a ticket.

Do I get a CPD certificate for attending?

We’re not licensed to give CPD certificates but the time at this event can be used to count towards your unstructured CPD allowance.

Want to come along but have specific access needs?

We can help with arrangements to make access easier. Drop us a line and one of the team will be in touch.

Not a paraplanner?

Assemblies are designed by paraplanners for paraplanners and we also welcome administrators, so if you are not one please don’t book a ticket. If you’re still really interested in coming along then get in touch with us at [email protected].


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