Howwow Online: Platform due diligence with the lang cat Thursday 27 February 2020

What's it all about?

This July, the FCA’s new platform rules will come into force, so we thought we better call in the platform pros for a Howwow. Enter stage left, Mike Barrett from the lang cat, with an hour long Howwow packed with platform goodies, such as…

  • an overview of the key themes and trends from 2019
  • what the new rules are about/mean and  have to think about
  • due diligence top tips
  • what to expect in 2020
  • live demo of the platform analyser
  • what other bits of kit  are out there and what we like/don’t like about them

This is a live Q&A, so if there is something you want to ask on the above or in fact on anything else, pop it in the question section after you’ve registered.

Meet the Howwow panel

  • Mike Barrett – Consulting Director at the lang cat and our platform pro. 
  • Richard Allum – Founder of The Paraplanners (and manages to run a few paraplanner events, Powwows and Howwows, or something like that).

Want to ask a question on the topic already? Go on, once you’ve registered, pop your question under the Q&A section – don’t wait for the Howwow, or email us here, or ask in real-time on the day.

Q&A: When, where and how much?

Q: When and where will the Howwow take place?
A: This Howwow takes place on our crowdcast channel here and is on Thursday 27 February, 1.00-2.00pm.

Q: What if I can’t make it to the Howwow?
A: That’s the good news. Book a spot and watch a replay of the session whenever it suits you.

Q: How do I book my place and, if so, how much does it cost?
A: It’s FREE. Head over to the Howwow channel by clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on this page, and once there click ‘SAVE MY SPOT’ for the event.

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27th February 2020

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